An avid amateur student of Sumerian anthropology, Dan Phalen writes historical fiction as well as adult thrillers and mysteries for kids.


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Sumerian Chronicles I

Sumer, 3200 BC. Under the watchful eye of a deadly cobra, Nippur’s empath queen Uruna risks her life and mankind’s future to foresee an alternative to war. Torn between her longing for love and her pledge as bride to a nation, she defies a power-mad priest, a feuding landed elite, and a barbarian horde. But her gamble to pull humanity back from the brink of chaos demands a personal cost more shattering than her worst nightmare. [Read more...]



Sumerian Chronicles II

Suffering from a despot's regime of plunder and oppression, Sumerians turn to vanquished queen Uruna Kumta, the elusive legend, Lark of the Reeds. Caught when two armies clash inside sacred Nippur, Uruna faces a loss greater than any she imagined. Working as the Lark, she will need more than prayer and ceremony to save herself and her people from annihilation.

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Sumerian Chronicles III

In the wake of Nippur's devastation, a hostage seer and her warrior husband carry on apart, each believing the other to be dead.

As Uruna unifies the people against Bull Priest oppression, Anu endures a wilderness ordeal to fight his way back to the home he lost. But exposure of a stolen birthright threatens the established regime, spelling death for Uruna and the family she loves.

[Coming Spring 2017 ...]

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