Sumerian Chronicles Prequel

A homeless miracle child's journey from innocence to power becomes a nation's path to self-discovery.

In striving to fulfill the promise of ages, young Uruna must win the callous hearts of the temple elite despite their obsessive intrigue and political agenda.

Will she survive and become a prophet to spur Sumerians on to higher achievement? Or will an ambitious few sweep her aside and halt Sumerian progress in its tracks?

A formative portrait of Uruna's extraordinary beginnings as a child empath seeking her place in the family of man, while the empowered misconstrue her abilites as the works of a full-grown woman.

Each book in The Sumerian Chronicles trilogy can stand alone, but the entirety is best appreciated when read in sequence. You will find the same characters throughout, but sometimes operating in different roles.

An avid amateur student of Sumerian anthropology, Dan Phalen writes historical fiction as well as adult thrillers and mysteries for kids.